"You are not alone, or lost, or abandoned, are one with life´s totality"


My name is Jorge Sanchis, trained in REIKI and strong powers with Angels.

Place of Care: Mataderos, Capital.

Beyond my professional training, God give me the gift of healing people, it's a big responsibility, but I use it wisely, always doing good...

Peace - Harmony -  Stability - Energy -  Light - Energy Cleaning - Energy Balance



Harmonization + Relaxation + Contact with powre´s divine = Healing

 Includes Reiki + Harmonización + Enery Cleaning + Alignment                              

Intensive work with Light´s Angels.  

Approximate length from 45 minutes to an hour. It depends on difficulty´s degree.

A healing with Angles are those divine beings sent by God for the healing of all wounds, both spiritual and physical. In the midst of diseases caused by the inconsistency of our body or external reason, our body soul and mind are not only targeted by this negative energy but also cause most of these illnesses and diseases that invade us every day. Human beings throughout its existence has always lived with health problems, diseases and other ailments, this is what is called the war against evil.


Approximate length from 25 minutes to 35 minutes. Depending on your energy.

A Energy healing is a natural healing method that is performed by the laying on of hands, using energy from the universe. Its purpose is to clean and align the body's energy field or aura and energy centers or chakras, to allow the body to heal from any illness, physical, mental or emotional.

Healing of ailments, body´s imbalances and soul through a clairvoyant diagnosis of symptoms and their consequences on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional, through the integration of different techniques of energy healing.

Buenos Aires, Capital.

Mobil Phone: 15-62932767

 Specialist on breakouts energy in people and homes.

"Don´t say anything, I'll tell you everything..."
Personalized attention in Capital Federal.
 Graduated expert in  paranormal phenomena and extrasensory

Energy work with Angels of Light.

Email: tiempos_modernos@hotmail.com

    Meet me at   user: Ayuda Espiritual Jorge Sanchis




Do not beat you stress and anger

Energy Harmonization Energy Relaxation


The seven´s body

Here the healings are of energy level, your aim is to clean and align the body's energy field or aura and energy centers or chakras, energy flows and you will notice the changes.

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"Reiki is not a substitute for medical or other qualified health professional. If you have any medical condition, we will recommend a medical office or the appropriate registered professional".

Here the healings are of energy level, natural healing method that is performed by the laying on of hands, using energy in the universe and the Angels, will feel a change in your life..

Are often difficult to cure diseases through conventional medical treatments..., it is very likely to be some kind of condition of a psychosomatic nature, which can be very destructive and seriously ill end the physical body of the person concerned. Therefore, it is essential to perform a specific job "overall harmonization" and then a "healing on a spiritual level" in order to achieve truly effective results...

So, you know you can count with me to help you in everything in my power, in order to be able to achieve "spiritual healing ", as effectively as possible.

What are it diseases psychosomatic?
When a person suffers from somatization. And this has one or more physical discomfort or symptoms, and after a medical examination all those symptomatology can not be explained rationally and solved by conventional medicine and alternative therapy uses to help a large percentage, sometimes by 100% .




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