1. Physical body: Everyone knows of the existence of this physical body and for some it is the only one there, your health depends partly on the earth element (Nutrient soil food from fruits, vegetables and so on. This does not include animals but birds and fish represent a good profit for this body), better science to know the physiology and Nutrology.

2. Etheric body: This is the body ruled by the fire, and ether element structure, has an internal form in the physical body and an outer form and internal form is what is known as nadis or meridians (channels through which energy flows ) and chakras (centers spherical tanks that act as energy, and are containers for different types of energy) and its outer part is presented as a visible magnetic field before seeing the colors of the aura, this magnetic field can also be heat or have high humidity and even the psychic energy, while the ether is the substance that surrounds all the empty spaces of the universe, the etheric body's magnetic field often replaces the ether, heat or power in the aura, especially when it has a lot of psychic energy usage des, veins and arteries are the biological basis of this body, so anything that activate cells, improve circulation and promote the balance will be used to provide better health to this body, therefore we must consume plenty of water and physical activity that requires balance, because the ions are as the biological basis of the secondary chakras and nadis arteries, and bio-electrochemical impulses, which also requires many electrolytes, the science that studies the biological basis of this body are the biology and physiology, but Nutrology not going to suggest that as you need to give this body has a main nadis a major chakras are the links others for example the first is the link to the physical body like the 2nd and the 3rd chakra, the 4th is the link to emotional, while the 6th is the link to mental, and 7th all other.

3. The astral body: is composed of 100% emotional energy, all the hormones and neurotransmitters, and other effects are physiological and biological processes based only on the physical plane of this body, since in its original form in a plane called the astral plane which has 7 sub divisions, and is governed by 24 laws, the only way to have this body healthy is to have the 12 attitudes of the ascended masters, the same as showing Jesus Christ but does not place in the Bible simply list their events and way of describing reality show these attitudes, but otherwise these are taught in other schools esoteric as the rise of the Ishayas and many other masters teach it as Buddha and others, the sciences that study this body are astrophysics, parapsychology, and esoteric schools also speak of the etheric body and the chakras and organizations such as the Rosicrucians and gnosis.

4. Mental body: some would say is the brain but it is not the brain is actually the fabric of this body, but this only has a biological basis is not entirely over a biological body and the physical fact this is what is supposed to dominate the physical body, but in most people is the physical body that dominates this, the mental body is divided in many ways sub-Mind-Mind Thoughts conscious subconscious mind, and thousands of parts that determine the 5 senses memory and everything relating to the conduct of the individual, this is also much psychic energy, consciousness is not the worst in the brain and has nothing to do with the mental body, so the mind is another instrument which our being is the one who should have control, however it should be clear that the brain is the instrument of the mind and not the other way the mind rules the mental plane, the plane of the imagination even more subtle than this astral mental plane is governed by 12 laws, neurology, psychiatry psychology, and parapsychology, are the sciences that study the body in some way, but not completely in all its glory, as the best way to study is to consciousness and not himself.

5. Causal body: this body has no form, no structure is in the causal world governed by 6 laws, this is the world where causes and atoms of all created this body is the humanal will not have power to manifest or act, only limitations under the plane in which to act, and the imagination, consciousness is what allows you freedom of action and being 100% free this is omnipotent, but in all of us a red body.

6 y 7. Soul and Spirit: of the last 2 can not tell much because they are purely divine and spiritual world are also known as one body or celestial body, and the spiritual world is also known as the kingdom of God or the plane upper heavenly, it says there is where the angels dwell, and there is where the power ally every man wants to join you in this world there are only 3 laws of the father, son and holy spirit.