Vital or etheric body: called in the East Lingan Sarira; by Master Paracelsus Mumia. It is a matter thermo-electro-magnetic blue. This body is really the upper region of the physical body, which energizes and sustains it in all its functions. No body could work and have life without the vital body. Each atom of the etheric body penetrates into every atom of the physical body to make it vibrate intensely. All chemical phenomena, physiological and biological all metabolic processes, any process of perception, every action of calories, and so on. The vital body is composed of four ethers: Light, Floodlight, Chemical and Life. The Vital Body bridges for communication of subtle energies and mandates of our hearts.

Astral Body: called Kama Rupa and Eidolon in the east, by Paracelsus Archaous by the Gnostic Body of Desires, consists of a Supra-psychic material is a condensation Thermo-electro-magnetic. The body is more subtle than the vital and flashing different colors. This body of Wishes, in ordinary human nature is cold and bleak. With this body we live in the fifth dimension, when the physical body sleeps in bed, but in a dream inconscient3e due to consciousness, the result of various psychological aggregates that constitute the pluralized I, clusters from our mistakes and shortcomings. In contrast, in the Masters, who have raised awareness through the work of self-knowledge, has a solar astral body radiant, conscious nature and electronics. The astral body is conservative modeling and organic forms. Any visible manifestation is the realization of an idea invisible.

Mental Body: called by the master Paracelsus Sidereal by the Eastern Lower Manas is an energy body and mind stuff consists of a yellow color. This body belongs to the fifth parallel universe. It governs the thinking of all kinds. Who develops the mental body and removes solar Ego is a Buddha, who manifests the Higher Mental Cente.

Causal body or the Conscious Will: called by Maestro ADECH Paracelsus, than by the Eastern Manas, becomes the human soul. Energy is electronic in nature, more subtle and belongs to the sixth dimension. Whoever acquires this body takes control of the four elements of nature. Gives the total self-independence man in their attitudes as it becomes aware.

Intuitional body of Consciousness or Divine Soul Intuicional: called by the Hindustani Buddhic body, by the Master Paracelsus ALUECH is electronic in nature and is in the top of the sixth dimension. Who developed the Body of Consciousness has prepared his inner palace for the manifestation of your inner God (Father Intimo).

Intimate Body: called by the Eastern ATMAN by Master Paracelsus the Innermost, the Spirit in Christianity is the pure aspect of the Great Septenario. It is our Inner Father who dwells in each one of us. It is that which has reality.

We must understand that all bodies penetrate and interpenetrate each other without confusion.

Official Science, found that in addition to the external senses, the senses of man are powered by internal electro-magnetic oscillations and concludes that everything radiates energy as evidenced by Kirlian Camera.