ANGELIC HEALING, the intervention of angels in the disease process, Los Angeles are therapists of God, they help us to receive spiritual medicine to heal all the issues thatmake us sick, The physical, mental, spiritual and social live a constant stress, whereanxiety, fear, frustration lead to sick to obscure our energy, with the tools you'll be able togive here cope with everything that is defeating your energy, your strength, your health. 'll Be able to heal with the help of angels and help those who need you, learn how to send that helps you know and practice in this same place a healing angel at a distance. Our thoughts are powerful and become so powerful words lead us to realize that power in us if we have thoughts and words for healing for ourselves and our environment will reversethe energy that harms us, we will repair the damaging effect and come to change thecause. Healing means restoring health, and intervention when we give power to theangels noticed right away how it changes our vibration and see the change in the placewhere we are.