Angels are beings of light sent by God to tell us about the greatness of the Universe, the Divine Love that created and sustains him and to remind us that an immortal soul dwells in us.

They are on our side, waiting to be summoned, called to be present with his subtle and powerful energy of Healing, Peace and Love.-

Angelic World holds the Light of God on Planet Earth and the Universe.

The Angels are the arms of God and extend his lead Energy of Divine Love to all corners of the universe and every being that inhabits.
They are carriers of the divine qualities. Are these qualities.
They are the Spirit of God manifesting different qualities and different tasks of service and love.-

What helps us angelic energy?

The great spiritual energy that emerges from the messengers of the Creator or so-called angels of light, helps us in the awakening of consciousness proper, offering his wisdom to guide us in the school of life, provided we are open to follow suit to inspire them to join us on the journey we make as souls (evolving) in material reality. When we come into contact with the angelic energy of thought, when we vibrate with it all our life experiences change, we will be motivated to generate thoughts, feelings and positive behaviors that give rise to a happy existence. Please note if these beings of light are masters of consciousness which, while respecting our free will, we always transmit their teachings that come directly from the higher worlds.

These beautiful light messengers called Angels are the tools that our soul uses to create situations that allow us to evolve, and so achieve new levels of consciousness to help us grow in our life and that in turn lead us to discover new potential we did not imagine that, in order to achieve the experience you need to integrate our soul to meet the great "Divine Plan" of the Creator.

Angels´s contact: we must start by getting rid of all these negative energies that block us and become major obstacles in our evolution in the spiritual world, since humans are now more concerned with "having" that "being". It is important to overcome the disbelief to enter the world of Angels, and we must open our heart, our soul and our mind and invite us to share our time and space in the material world, so you always guide us in our way to this land, to the rhythm of the Creator. It is noteworthy that our Guardian Angel will always we ask, to instruct us through intuition, helping us to keep in touch with the divine source of eternal happiness.

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