Angels are intelligent beings capable of feeling, not having sex. They are a different species to the human species. There are a vibrational frequency slightly thinner than that with which our physical senses are tuned. This means that often we can not perceive with our eyes and ears, but they can perceive them to us. Our realities interpenetrate each other and the covers and wraps them ours.


What are angels?

Sargolais, a guardian angel answers:

"It is difficult to answer. Physicists find the same problem to determine how an electron. Is it a particle or a wave? Are you in one place at one time or several?


So it is with the angels. Our body exists in several places at one time or all How then could you draw a picture of an angel or take a photo? You can not. We can slow down enough to appear in one place and time, but we do it for you.

If your subtle senses were fully developed, as they will be in your future history, you might begin to see ourselves as beings of radiant lighting pulses. This is not like the light coming from the sun, fire or an electric bulb. It's a much more subtle light that penetrates everything. We look like, but we would see in many different places simultaneously. It would be like holding many slides of the same person against a bright light for so you can see them all at once. In the midst of this overlap of bodies would see an intricate web of fibers, such as filigree, or more correctly, as the meridians, those fibers of energy flow through the acupuncture system of your body. Some of these fibers would be inside our body, but many also extend outward, with no time or space, to all corners of the universe. These fibers are what some have perceived as wings, as is our light that has inspired in others the idea that we have halo.

There are many different types of angels. Some areas might seem to multidimensional others light rays, spirals of light, light cones, and size from a speck vararía to a galaxy. While our size is filtered by vuestaras perceptions, something to do with our role and our nature. The bigger they seem, our role is more collective. Thus, some of you call 'Higher Selves', you will be presented as bigger. "


Why are all the rage of angels?

hey themselves say that reorganizations within its own domain, are getting us instructions to establish closer contact. As we're evolving, the angels, too. As above, so below. The universe operates on the basis of the need to know, when we ask, we answer. The angels are here to answer questions and help our private evolve. In talking to our angels extend and expand our capacity for growth and transformation, enabling us closer to our Creator.

Abigrael says the relationship is in reorganization of certain angels who work with your world. This is due to changes in your collective consciousness that now allow us to get closer than ever ... You are going to live more in harmony with All That Is, though superficially not seem so. That's why books like Ask Your Angels [and others] can now come into existence. While in the past would have required twenty years of practice to achieve even the very possibility of establishing communication, is now available to those interested in setting it up. Congratulations on your evolution as a sentient species, although the evidence is not yet in sight. "


How many types of angels are there?

The three main religions of the Western world (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), and virtually every religious belief systems around the world, include celestials in their cosmologies. The angels, like humans, belong to families or groups that differ in their vibrational levels. At the higher angelic hierarchies are understood not as "better" but as more subtle. The texts of angels have known the three "spheres" or "chorus", as their voices sing praises to the Creation composing the "music of the spheres", explained in the Hermetic texts as the basic vibration of the universe. Starting with those closest to God and ending with those closest to the physical world, this is the arrangement of the choirs of angels:

First field:
1. seraphim

2. cherubim

 3. thrones

Second area:
4. domains

5. virtues

6. powers

Third area:
7. principalities

8. archangels

9. Los Angeles

The angels tell us that although we appear to be no rank, is more appropriate to visualize all these orders in a large circle, in which the highest and lowest hand in hand. If the center is pure energy, it is changing its vibration and from the state of light, becomes heat and finally matter.


What do the angels of the First Sphere?

Seraphim These celestial beings, who are said to surround the throne of God and manifest his glory, sing the music of the spheres and regulating the movement of the heavens as emanating from God. Cherubs: They are the guardians of light and stars. Although far from our material plane, the light touches our lives, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven expressing divine wisdom. Thrones escorts are angels of the planets and manifest the union with God. At this point in our evolutionary development is important that we become conscious of a throne, in particular, the angel of Earth that is the custodian of our planet.


What do the angels of the Second Sphere?

Domains: These are the beings that manifest God's sovereignty to govern the activities of all the angelic groups lower and integrating the spiritual with the material world. Although they receive orders from God and rarely come into contact with individuals, their work is connected with our reality. Strengths: They express the will of God. Now is of particular importance to us because we can project high levels of divine energy. As more number of humans learn to work with the virtues, there will be a greater infusion of spiritual energy available for our planet. Powers: They are those who manifest the power of God. They carry the conscience of all mankind, those who preserve our collective history. This category includes the angels of birth and death. They can attract and retain the energy of the divine plan, as trees absorb the sun's energy. In this way the authorities can send all the vision of a world spiritual network. All the spiritual centers of the world are different organs emerging spiritual body of our planet.


What do the angels of the Third Sphere?

Principalities (angels integrators): They are the angels who manifest God's dominion over nature. They are the devas or guardians of all major groups, from cities and nations to recent human creations such as multinational corporations. Now would be more appropriate to call them angels integrators. There are many such beings dedicated to our planet. Archangels (angels overlighting): They express God's leadership. We suggest that you call them angels overlighting for dealing with larger areas of human experience. They belong to a different family of angels and there are many different types of angels overlighting in this larger family. Some command the planetary spirits, some are responsible for the animal kingdom and more specific tasks in the service of humanity. Los Angeles (angels escorts) are closest to humanity, most involved in human affairs by expressing God's protection. Within the category of angels there are many different, we know best are the guardian angels or attendant angels who are concerned with our spiritual evolution. As we enter an era of greater light and love on earth, these angels need no longer be our guardians, but our guides and companions dear to a growing awareness.


Who are the archangels who work more closely with humans on Earth?

Abigrael says: "There are four major overlighting angels, dealing with human life on Earth. When you thought the Earth was the center of the universe, these four seem very important in Heaven. They are not. There are millions of archangels. However, these four are very important on Earth. Before they were needed in greater numbers to get information, because you were less receptive, but as you will need less archangels evolved. Now for the Earth, are important archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. "Termination "EL" and identifies them as messengers sent by God.